Murakami’s Reagent, 500 mL



Murakami’s reagent (AKA Murakami’s etch) is an etchant for Cr, Mo, Re, Ta-Mo, W, V, tungsten carbide (WC) and other sintered carbides. It can also be used as a color etchant of stainless steels. This etchant is listed in ASTM standard E407 as No. 98 Murakami’s. It has two parts and has to be mixed fresh before use. Made with ACS reagent grade chemicals.

Part A: potassium ferricyanide, 50 g
Part B: sodium hydroxide solution, 500 ml


User Instructions:

  • Please note that potassium ferricyanide (Part A) is not a hazardous chemical; however, if it is exposed to acids (e.g., hydrochloric acid), it can give off the extremely poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas!
  • Use a fume hood and wear protective gear. The mixture is poisonous by ingestion as well as contact.
  • Dissolve 10 g of part A in 100 ml of part B under a fume hood and use the mixture under the hood.
  • Immerse or swab the sample few seconds to a minute. Follow with a water rinse, alcohol rinse, and dry.
  • Use fresh.


Nalgene® Leakproof Bottles, HDPE.

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