Metal Finishing Pads

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Prepare the weld cross-section with these hand pads. The finer the finish, the better the etching chemical will work, and the more details you will see. This kit contains:

  • 1 x Gray finishing pad, 6″x9″, approximate scratch grade equivalent is 600-1000 grit
  • 1 x White finishing pad, 6″x9″, approximate scratch grade equivalent is 1200 grit and finer

User Instructions:

Remove cut marks on the weld cross-section with sandpapers before using these finishing pads. The white pad is finer than the gray pad. Use the gray pad first until the surface finish is uniform, then buff the surface with the white pad. Rinse and dry the specimen before etching. Etch as soon as possible.

You can cut these pads into any shape/size suitable for the project.

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