The methods used to reveal the Widmanstätten pattern on iron meteorites vary. Normally the meteorite slice is ground and polished first, then cleaned to remove any residuals. The slice is then placed into Nital or an acidic ferric chloride solution. Since the nickel content of each meteorite varies, the time of etching also varies, however, 30 seconds to a minute are typical. It may take up to 1 hour. Once the meteorite has been etched, it is usually neutralized in an alkali solution to remove any remaining acid and then washed and dried, application of a sewing machine oil helps resist corrosion. Our meteorite etching products are below. These chemicals are intended for geological studies, not for jewelry making at home. A commercial address is required to purchase.

  • Nital Etch, 5%
  • Ferric chloride solution
  • Acid Neutralizer (alkali solution, pH>10)